Wednesday, March 23, 2011

After so long...

Dear Busy Goon Wey,

You've worked hard and played hard since your last blog and you have not post any of your event in your lovely blog....

Kind regards,
Goon Wey that is finally free.

This is what i always write for almost everyday *email* since my last blog post. and for the rest of my time, i've always working, "bull shit-ing" in my working paper(Which kinda make sense and able to live through my working life), played hard during weekends/non working days but not spending time in blogging, which i shouldn't. Blogging is to make sure that my memories(good or bad) stay and so i could flash back when i'm emo. So, a quick update on my life within this period, summarised version!

1. Still working in Ernst and Young with the feeling of resigning at least once a week, dreaming how good if i've a rich husband everyday.

2. Finally got my diving license but still not be able to practice due to not able to take leave and "kakis".

3. Been to 2 countries - s'pore and HK- within a year; These were the best days in my life for this period with my awesome-ly cool friends; at Zoukout event, "shopping till broke" event. Will try posting pictures in this blog when i've time.

4. Club too much and knowing more new friends, which i would say it's a good thing, but exhausted me too much at the same time. And i am trying to lessen the club session now. *target for yr 2011*

5. Driving long distances and long hours with/without(sometimes) a sleeping passenger, after little hours of sleep/no sleep at all.

6. Driving a car that is 100 times bigger size than myself(MPV). *i know it's not something that is impressive, but to me, it's my first time so.. although it's only for short distance.

7. Live in the jungle for 2 nights without technology gadgets(including watch), toilet, etc man made products. *i miss that place*

8. Start twit-ing (just few days ago).

9. Did rock climbing, skytrex, jungle trekking, and more non common sports activity in the future.

Can't think of much now, but yes, i've enjoyed my 1 yr + very much even though i've aged double the speed as usual(mostly caused by working). I love my 2010! and will definitely fullfill more of my goals this year, 2011. A promise to myself and one of it is resigning by 2012!

Always believe in " No Pain, No Gain"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the one that is freaking sien at aussie..

I got no time to blog!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Goon Wey"

This is what i do when i am super bored and need something to cheer me up, Google your own name!! and some surprise will might give a sweet dream at night. =D

It has 8 pages of results and excluding facebook sites.. These are some websites i found from google-ing "Goon Wey"

Goon Ee's blog, aka younger sister. Lovely blog that links mine.

Goon Li's blog, my youngest sister, linked to my blog. Honestly, i don't know about her blog at all. Finally i can link hers too.

Wan Yong's blog, writing some wishes from us to min ee.. Min ee, Have you check that out...?

Hwei Yong's blog(if i didn't spell wrongly), a pretty young lady i knew since young from my dharma class. Not aware of her blog but she linked my blog!

Kan Sha's blog, some friend from my secondary school which i totally lost in touch with. Couldn't believe that he linked my blog to his.. *touched*

ACCA global website where my name appear as an OBU degree list!! *proud of myself!!!!*

Evonne's blog, someone i have seen for only two times. First time was when i sang k with her and another time during xiao xuan's birthday. Can't believe she remembers my name.. She actually wrote about the day we sang k together.. Great memories!

Kyrbie's blog, someone that i met and seen for two times with evonne. But she linked my blog!! *I will always remember you and your name that i don't even know how to pronouce.....*

And a very random guy name SW, which i don't think i know him at all.. He so happen to have a close friend he always blog about, name Goon Wey too.. and i think it's a guy!

Keng hoi's blog, also known as albert. Dislike his american name, but great friend that i knew at dharma class.. =)

Hui Jad's blog
, American name: Tracy. Ji mui from dharma class. Love ya so much!

And also!! a website that posted my love to kit yee, yiling, xiao xuan, su yin, foong ee and sze lin.. during my secondary school from v'day of year 2005.. Still love you girls so much..

Time to have sweet dream. Nights and happy dong zhi!!

P/s: Yes, I intended to promote my family and friends' blog too.. But don't try to go after my sister without my permission..

Friday, December 18, 2009


Exam is over! Holiday is quarterly over! And my student life will be over soon!!!

18 days more for my sweet holiday and probably the final time that i could catch up with all my friends. Somehow, i feel working life means the end of gathering time and i will need to do it now or i will never ever be able to see my friends again..

So friends, do call me for outing before 4th of january! Or you might not able to see me again! *At least for a long time*

Here's a little story i had for the past 2 months aka the study life that i will miss..

Date: November and December.
Venue: SS15 drive-thru mcd restaurant.
Title: Part and parcel of our mcd study life.
Models: Guin Guin, Yun, Xuan and Heng.
Photographer: Goony with her E71 camera. (Not bad lorr the quality..)

Guin guin: Yun, what should we do today..? It's raining and i am emo.......

Owh.. I need to study.. For the stupid ACCA exam.. Zzz..

Dress up and get going~! Today, 3 chapters!! YES YES~~ *emo still*

But first, listen to my emo songs..

NONONO, i should start studying!! I wanna be the champion! I wanna conquer the paper!!

10 minutes later...

Time for break!!My favourite RT pastry!! Yummy yummy~

Coke coke~~ Coke from my mclunch till now, refilling every half an hour!! *I bet mcd staffs hate us..*

Look, i'm fatter than the box! But stress mahh.. Don't like that lorr.. *Burp*

Everyone is so hardworking.. Pressure is filling in the air..

OMB! The notes is so thick!! I can't take it any longer!!! *suicide*

R.I.P, Guin Guin..

Finally, present you the photo album of 方大同 (Khalil Fong)





Finally, me.. Some lousy photographer took lousy picture of mine.. =X

Special thanks to Jefferson, borrowing his 400 degree specs! *Was blind for a moment* Too bad that we didn't get to take picture of everyone with the specs..

And now,

WEE~ Holiday~ Enjoy your holiday everyone!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 weeks more to go..

Two weeks countdown, till my final war before next phrase of my life,

And i shall be prepared and fight at my very best,

All the best and good luck to me and to all ACCA students!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Blame on the thick cloud.. please~

Dammit, trying to re-install my garmin mobile XT for my E71, and it still has weak satellite!

Hope it will work tomorrow when it's not so cloudy. Hope it's not my phone's problem or i'll be doomed and lost on saturday!

Btw, 2012 is a good movie, it remind us human about what humanity means.. Must watch to everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a sign..

Before i left my house, i can feel my skin is burning due to exposure to the sun, wishing that i have a portable air-cond with me right there.

That was just few minutes before i reach the roundabout to Sunway college. Plenty of clouds gather around as if like they were having a meeting, discussing when to pour the water.

Jammed there for about 10 minutes before reaching college, and it was already dizzling there! I ran into college at my fastest speed,wishing to reach inside with i'm still dry. Just right after i settle down with my books and greet to my friends, i can start hearing rain pouring and the next thing i know... was dumping! Jacket on!

WTH??!! The weather changed so fast from two extreme; the burning hot to freezing rain; in 20 minutes within 5km!

Is this a warning from mother earth?? Is this a revenge of mother earth, to treat us like how we treated her and is still treating her now?? My friends around are getting sick, one after another, i believe it's due to the unpredictable changing of weather.. and that's also what mother earth is feeling right now.. =(