Friday, October 31, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

Am i just feeling so terribly hot for the whole damn day because of my unintended fat gaining program i had for the past few weeks or did everyone just feel that heat too??!! *wonder wonder* So, i went to check on yahoo weather forecast, it's a damn 88°F/31°C, OMB!

Then, i remember a movie i watched last few days... honestly, it's one of the scariest movie i have ever seen!!! This might be quite a famous movie among the americans few years ago, but it seems like it just reached malaysia not long ago. "an inconvenient truth" by Al Gore(once a president nominee, lose to bush by 1%). It's a movie about global warming aka mother earth getting warmer.

and the causes are...

cigarettes:"try me try me, kill yourself kill yourself!!"
rating *4 blings*

'mother cigarettes':"well done son, u kill the human, i'll kill the mother earth.. muahahaha"
rating *5 blings*

forest burning!
rating *5 blings*

3600cc black ferrari 360 modena limousine flying
>> petrol wastage flying up
>>polluting level flying up up up!
>>more space, air cond usage up up uprating
*5blings* X 3!

"mother earth seems tasty.."
rating *3 blings*

"oops, it's my extra spicy curry laksa from my lunch just now.."
rating *3 blings*
unethical rating *5 blings*

and the PROOF of the fact...

by statistic...

the increase in temperature tremendously from yr 1980 onwards

by nature...

it's flooding! from melting glaciers!

upsala glacier, argentina
1928 VS 2004

McCartney glacier
1909 VS 2004

muir and riggs glacier
1941(glacier) VS 2004(river...?)

before VS after

by animal...

"help me, mother earth, my house is melting! and.. and.. i can't swim..."

by fashion...


And the scariest fact i have found out in the movie is that many places will be cover up due to the increased sea level from the melting of the iceberg(i think is the greenland and another iceberg-land) in 50 years! and assuming that malaysia is one the country, meaning... malaysia will be gone!!

malaysia politics GONE...

mamak will be gone TOO!!

It's really an inconvenient truth that we humans do not want to know, but hey guys, is avoiding and not believing what is really happening now will save us...??!! why dun we people stand up and solve it! If everyone of us really do something,maybe just a little tiny something, we could save our mother earth! malaysia! and our yum cha session!

psss: i have the dvd(it's xuan's one), he will be glad to rent it for foc anytime!

traditional technology+traditional behaviour=environment ok
modern technology+traditional behaviour=excessive pollution!

-Al Gore

Monday, October 27, 2008

twenty five truffles

A chocolate truffle is a small somewhat spherical confection with a creamy chocolate center and a hard chocolate shell, a kind of desserts soft in the center, and highly sought after.

why truffles...? because my life is like truffles... simple looking chocolate with a little accessories compare to other chocolates, but it actually has such complicated taste, sometimes sweet like the white chocolate truffles, sometimes just as bitter as the dark chocolate truffles...

but no matter how does it taste, i'll still accept it... becoz its truffles! which cost u rm4-5 for one biji, which u can finish it in 3 small bites! which means rm1.50 per bite? You're kidding me! Btw, the point i'm making here is, the story of my life is as expensive as the truffles! haha.. The experience, sweetness, bitterness,sourness of mine, is expensive! in terms of values.. so it's my intangible asset... gosh, i'm so accountant...

About the twenty five, it's simply because the truffle is born on the 25th of september 1988. Do truffles gain its value over time like wine...? hmmm hmmm.. For this truffle, i guess so.. =) but anyway, officially greeting to u guys! Hi! ready to share my truffles? (not that kind of sharing! i meant sharing bits of my life here!) hmmm... after a few more days larr..

psss : hopefully will update it regularly.. =)

itterness, is just a traini
ng for facing the tougher life in the future!