Thursday, November 20, 2008

daddy or hubby...?

If to let me choose either to save my father or my hubby/bf if they are drown in the sea...

First option, i'll call for lifeguard's help, and pull one life saving jacket ,if possible, wear one too, then throw it to the one i can reach first and save another one on my own.. But i think i will drown before them... xD

Second option, i'll just find a good swimmer as my hubby to save my father when they both are in the sea! or just train him into one good swimmer! wuuhoo~

Anyway, kinda busy lately.. and, all the best to ACCA candidates! For those are having holidays, don't date me! I wanna pass my ACCA and the only one that i want to date with is my books!! Just joking!! If if if.. i ffk u all, i'm so so so so sorry! Pay u all back after 10th of dec! It's a promise!

Monday, November 10, 2008

sniff sniff~

Having my annual flu disease here, so people, STAY AWAY from me! and had this "pimples" in my eye aka "ngan tiu zam" in cantonese(don't know what is the exact term in english >< ), so people, DON'T LOOK AT ME! Now i know how intelligent the god(whoever that created human) is... S/he actually created two pipes connect to your lungs for human(for breathing purpose)! One is through nose and another is through mouth, which is the one i'm using right now.. That's why i'm not dead yet by having this big flu disease for like at least 48 hours.. however, if the god do not create flu this kind of disease, i'll say s/he is brilliant lorr...

zzz.. getting some sleep for tommorow's class, hope marcus will release us from hell earlier tomorrow! Night guys!

Saturday, November 8, 2008



There's a bad news and a good news... Bad news is, I didn't get the chance to take picture with the "ghosts" there as i was working(pretty hardworking huh..?) and I'm not suppose to walk everywhere and take picture with them..

And this is the good news! I had a picture with one of the scariest japanese ghost! Wee~

I tried to edit the colour to make u feel it's scary.. But i guess it didn't work(still sharpening my photoshop skill larr)but honestly, this japanese ghost can go for ghost movie interview lorr.. She's even better than the local ghost movie's ghost... =.=

Couldn't take picture with some other awesome ghosts though! They have the draculas gang, mummy, superwoman, devils plus angels, scary movie's ghost, captain Jack spparow from pirates of the caribbean and lots lots more.. I'm so into the halloween mood!

Me again in the toilet.. I know the place is a bit improper but that's the only place with light that we can curi curi take pic at larr!

Picture fo the sexy vampires(perasan sia..) and the amazing bar tender.. You should have seen his trick! It's pretty amazing!

Me and my partner here, joey in the toilet again.. She purposely bend down when taking picwith me leh.. hahax!

They even distribute condoms at the begining of the party.. Are they encouraging those ghost to have sex in the party..? Hmmm hmmm...

Imagine two draculas making out with their make up on.. Scary! I wouldn't even dare to kiss him.. Or imagine when you making out with the mummy, need to help him/her to take off the bandages first.. After taking it out also no mood already lorr.. hmmm hmmm.. anyway, their message is, play safe guys! I meant ghost...

They have a variety of flavour, the one i took is comfort fit.. They have o cha flavour too(yellow 27)! haha.. But what's the use of the flavouring leh..? To keep you awake...?

The party ended around 1.30 am.. I'm off! Wuuhoo~~ but my leg is so pain! Haih... Buih buih already.. T.T

I like this picture particularly.. Post it again here xD
The left one is the chick, and the right one is the hunk..

C : Why are we sitting here..?
H : Hmmm.. Sunway lagoon is a place u must visit mah when you come to malaysia.. We must see the night views of pyramid from here..
C : Owh.. I see..
H : Hmmm.. Am i romantic..?
C : Yeah, you're a such a romantic ghost.. But it's really tiring to jump to malaysia..
H : Yeah, spoilt my shoe somemore.. Thank you for sewing it for me..
C : You are my hubby, what's a vampire with a hole on the shoe.. *gulu gulu* I'm hungry, hubby..
H : I brought some food(incense stick), my ex-wife burnt it for me.. What flavour u want..? I have original, strawberry, chocolate here..
C : Wah, i never try before chocolate flavour leh.. But left back one only wor..
H : Chocolate expensive mer.. My ex-wife burn only one for me.. But give u larr..
C : *hang fuk* so sweet.. *lie on the hunk's shoulder*

Romantic right..? pak tor by the lake side..

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Exam is less than 30 days from now! and my frens are having holidays already!! shoot shoot shoot.. why why...??!! why this kind of things only happen to us??!! Dun understand why did i choose acca last time..

First, they have only 2-3 weeks of sem break and other course has like 3 mths! =.=

2nd, other course have assignment to do, but we only have unfinished notes to read! ( i would prefer doing assignment and presenting it compare to just sitting on my making-my-butt-so-pain-and-so-flat chair, keep reading reading and reading till u fall asleep..)

3rd, they have this super duper money maker,mr. teo which keep on increasing our tuition fees every sem! it's like rm500 higher than other institution for the same paper! damn damn! I pity my parents..

4th, their classroom consists of few hundreds of students but the lecture room can only fits all of them if all of them are not more than 50kg.. otherwise, those that is more than that would have to sit on the floor or outside of the lecture hall.. (this is particularly refers to the class of the dynamic menon-she's good-)

5th, most of the students there are so hardworking and feels like they dun even go out yum cha during the holiday! but luckily, i joined the notty student which dun make my life so miserable..

IF, if if.. i knew all of these facts about ACCA in sunway, i wouldn't have join it at first honestly...
*tutt* *tutt* *tutt* TMD...

p/s: this is also why all the current acca students should be extra hardworking so that we won't face another few miserable sem.. Gambateh to all the ACCA students..!

still working on my SCREAM part II.. hardly can get any picture of it.. T.T

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random Post..

There i was in my dharma class with my frens, talking about jokes.. Then bin bin, she asked us, do u know why is the panda's front part is white and the back part is black...? hmmm hmmm..


the answer is....

Because the panda's hand is too short to reach and wash its back! hahaha... what a stupid answer... But then i wonder, is the panda's back really black..? I don't remember seeing that in kung fun panda! hmmm hmmm...

This post is specially dedicated to bin bin...

what colour is the panda's back...? WHITE!

the panda on the tree has very fair back as well...

the dog alike panda has a abit dirty back, but i'm sure it's white after it is wash with detergen!

and the kung fu panda has fair back too!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

SCREAM! -part I-

Just came back from working around 3am and my leg is so damn pain! and now i'm waiting for my hair to get dry naturally.. dun wanna blow my hair.. haha.. and just so happen i missed my blog, so here i am...

Btw, i just went to a halloween party to work! The people there are so cool! With costume, spooky make ups.. The first time i'm actually celebrating(can say so..) halloween! But the worst part is.. i dun have a costume! I want to be ugly but i couldn't! *dissappointed*

But anyway, i have only a few pictures.. so just let u guys have a look first..

the booth where i work at..

i know my lips is abit very red, but i'm suppose to be a dracula...

serving soco lime drink.. it's actually southern comfort(sounds like condorm isn't it..) mixed with lime.. which tasted like lime juice to me.. =.=
but they do distribute condorm for free in this party!

cam whoring in the toilet.. holding the cape which is a must for a vampire..

it's actually a clubbing party i guess.. the light was awesome!
for me larr.. maybe it's becoz i dun go club often..?

can you see the two china vampire(geong shi/jiang shi) is having a date there..?

It's the spookiest event i have ever work for! part II will be coming once i get all the pictures.. more ghost will be coming out to haunt my blog! But for now, i'll just go meet jay chou's grandpa.. *yawn* night guys.. and morning to some people out there.. *yawn yawn*

This post is specially for my beloved xuan and the birthday boy.. I meant belated birthday boy CS, as i promise.. xD happy -belated- birthday! You are as old as me! Wee~~