Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have confessions to make...
  1. Not updating my blog for ages.
    Excuse: I got no time! Before exam, i was studying; after exam, i was busy playing!
    The truth: I have been lazy to update my blog

  2. Ffk-ing my friend
    Excuse: I'm sick, i'm not free, i got exam to prepare...blah blah blah...
    The truth: Before exam, i might be really having pretty bad time management in preparing my exam, i could have time for my friends if i'm not lazy in studying and following my schedule; after exam, i'm either outstation or i'm with out with some other people. But sometimes, i just feel like staying at home.. Too many outing during holiday make me home sick.. ><

  3. Not completing ACCA this year
    I just wan to be slow and steady. So, what's the hurry to complete it..?!
    The truth: I just feel like playing and fooling around with my parent's money.. I'm such a jerk..

  4. I've been through a hell for the whole year!
    Argueing with family, boy friend, hell in ACCA.. blah blah blah.. too much to complain!
    The truth: I have great parents and siblings(hmmm.. not that great siblings), boyfriend, friends and a fabulous life! I was in heaven for the whole year! Despite all the unhappiness, it actually make me tough and appreciate what the good things i already have. Thank buddha.

I wan to say sorry to those that i have hurted, i'm so sorry and thank you for those that have make my life so miserable.. oops.. i meant so lively! I appreciate everything that happen this whole year of 2008. Arigato gozaimasu...

So to everyone, especially my family, happy belated christmas and happy new year. Hope we all will have another wonderful year and cheers!

"Say sorry to people that you have hurted this year, and forgive those that have hurted you."