Tuesday, January 27, 2009

huat arr~!

First of all, Happy cny everyone! Wishing the married one huat huat huat, and the unmarried one marry fast fast! and i shall bai nian with u next year! But the most importantly is to stay and get healthier while enjoying your year 2009!

After wishing, let's check out the malacca camp i attended. As i am a lazy pig and i know you all wanna see my pretty face only( eherm.. perasan-ing), so, less words more pictures!

This is my camp site, situated at tanjung durian(something like that larr), malacca.

Look! Got water got mountain lorr! It's actually beside a damp, the whole malacca city's water! If we pee into it, the whole malacca-ians will be drinking our pee pee without noticing it(that was one of my evil plan..bwahahaha~) and it's legal! (no one say its prohibited=legal)

Don't have pictures during the camp as they confiscated our phone. this means, i have a one week life that is without techno stuff(hp, tv, comp, internet!!!!!), without radiation!

I know i look like a gangster version of kung fu panda, u must understand that i have less than 6 hours of sleep for the whole damn week! Introducing two new pretties here, Pei and Keat, two of my ji muis at temple..

Here's somehting we do when we don't have enuf sleep...... We were in an absence mind...

...so we decided to clear our selves up with some yoga practice...

Then, we become hyper... I broke the law... (written do not climb on, which i believe is tank hang jebat used during war... hmmm... His name was written on the number plat..)

Who say vegetarian has less food to eat? We had 9 dishes at least for this meal!!!

The counsellors and a few of the participant. I look so round after the whole week. Thanks to the aunty that cooked us delicious meals that we couldn't resist! One of the girl in that picture is someone i dislike actually... hmmm hmmm...

Lastly, group photo!

First mystery,

This ugly post.. We were actually releasing the fishes into the damp... It's really a meaningful event as we release it with our own hand! and someone catch me in this ugly post.. ><
I wish to post more photos on this, but apparently, my desktop had been strike by lightning, and all my photos gone... T.T if i get back the photos... i'll just upload some photos on this..

Too old for camp, yes i am, but i'm not too old to learn new things and experience the youth's spirit! haha.. Thanks to everyone especially Dharms Master tsung, teacher bee lian, counselors, participants and the one that i dislike... I learn to tolerate and control my anger from her..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday is so short....!!!!

The second day of my 2009 class. SIENZZZ!!! I haven't even have a good rest and now i'm back to the bloody ACCA classes!!! and i need to complete my first part of obu to meet my first dateline given by my mentor which is next week!!!

I know what u are thinking now, if i am so busy, why am i here blogging right..? Just to cheer myself up with my sweet memory of what i did during this holiday.. I want to share one of my most memorable and life changing holiday and hoping that i will read this post again 10 years after today... *emo-ing*

Yet, gosh.. i wish i can have just another one more week of holiday... I'm although change to a new person with temporary new skin tone, i still haven't fully recharge yet for the new semester!!! holiday is is is so so SHORT!! ACCA is so CRUEL!!! *grumble grumble*

Back to my sweet dream-ED...

10th of dec, 0832pm. The night after p3 exam is when my sweet holiday began!

a cup of delicious hot chocolate is just nice...

tiramisu from italiannes.. not bad...

strawberry cheese cake, yummy.. i can be satisfied easily, am i not..??

yen : "are you done with taking picture... i wan to taste my sweety cheesey strawberry cake.."

Next, I had a leadership camp for a week at malacca after a few days the exam finish. Maybe you all are thinking that i'm too old to attend a camp.. I would say... you all are absolutely right! I actually became a counselor in that camp! You all underestimated me man.. XD What did a camp turned into with me being the counselor..? hmmm hmmm.. await my post... bwahahaha~

I did too many things during this 2 and a half weeks, it's really too long to write about... But just to let you all to have a taste on my sweet dream-ed.. Here's some picture and hint on what i did during my sweet and SHORT holiday...

what am i doing here with such ugly post......? o.O

have you seen and try this 15cm biscuit stick...??

why am i looking like a hawaiian girl...? the biggest mystery of year 2009.........

looks like a new product gonna launch in baker's cottage...? no..?

Coming up next.. all these mystery will be solve.........