Thursday, February 26, 2009


The other day when i was walking in a lack-of-attention shopping mall waiting for my movie to start, as i was hanging around, a shop caught my attention! hmmm hmmm...

I didn't know kids nowdays grow up this fast or i should say.. mature..?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's good in move it move it~

He's ausome! I'm an officially the fans of Salah! Saya suka salah! Sound so wrong....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is this my lucky day or wat?

Been thinking in long term view of my life, but i realized, if everything goes as like what the information i gotten today, it doesn't match with my desire plan for myself. But it only matches the desire plan for the someone. In another view, i could change the someone's plan which i doubt i can do it. So i guess the only way is moving to plan B.

Is that me being selfish if i change to plan B? Should i start changing my plan? When should i do it? or maybe i should just be ignorance and don't think about it in such long term? Life is about making decision.

Good luck~

One good news and one bad news...

Good news is my friend have safely gave birth to a child, a baby girl! *tap tap tap* Awaits to see the cutey~ and my fren of course..

The sad part, bad news is results is coming out tomorrow! Omb~! I think i'm going back to p3 classes... =( To those that pass the papers, well done! to those that dai ga lai shi fail it, retake the challenge, give in more effort and pray harder, u will get it next time.. =) Afterall failing in ACCA is not such a big deal.. Good luck to everyone ya~

(^^,) "stay happy~"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mood swing..

Second mystery, whats with this jumbo stick?

It's a gift from my sister's friend to my sis, "freshly imported" from singapore.. It look kinda cool and suprisingly, it taste quite good!

His friend also bought these for her, this is nothing like the jumbo stick, it smell like chemical bread and it is not eatable at all! However, it has one function, you can release your anger by squeezing it and you will still see the doughnut recovering in you hand! It's actually a wrist rest which will make u craze for doughnut when u working on your assignment in the middle of the night(if you dun try to smell it).. Pretty cool isn't it?

3rd mystery, the hawaiian girl! weewitt~

I love my hawaiian look and i'm so going to the beach again anytime! Date me to the clean beach and i'll say i do!

Anyway, i was in pangkor during the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. To be honest, i don't enjoy their polluted seawater, redang is a way way better island to go to. But it was freaking cheap which is still worth to go larr.

Some fun and unbelievable thing we did in pangkor,

1. Intruding to pangkor island. A bunch of vegetarians actually went to the place which is famous with their seafood. I think the bao zou gong(the uncle that rent us the house) actually met vegans for the first time. Notes to all vegans: pangkor is not a place to live for you...

2. Cycling for a round of pangkor island. I did not cycle the full round, but i think i did cycled for 3 quarter of it. My 4 other friends did it for a round though. I didn't realise that pangkor is actually that big until that day, i feel like it's even bigger than KL... To those that have not been working out constantly, please do not do that! You would end up sleeping in the middle of the road like me if the bao zou gong did not fetch me back with his van...

pictures we took during our cycling-the-whole-pangkor activity

3. Cooking our every meal during the whole vacation. Luckily we brought all our tofus, flours and veges, we survive at pangkor island for 3 days! These homecooked meals are way much more delicious than those cooked by the hotel chef lorr~ and we did steamboat too!

4. Sun tanned with a bunch of monkeys. We went monkey island(part of pangkor) on 2nd day. This is actually the only activity i'm excited with so i could get tanned!! I brought tanning oil and bikini, but end up, my tanning oil stolen by the freaking monkey! *cursing monkey*

5. I actually hold sea urchin! and i'm still alive! I didn't know it is touchable without being poisoned..

The sea urchin! Look look! It's on my hand!!

A genius would see a whale in this picture..

If you see a turtle, you're really smart...

6. Seeing 6 fireworks in a night.. To be more accurate, 6 fireworks in less than half an hour, during the countdown of year 2009... They are really excited about year 2009 man.. The whole pangkor is covered with "haze" very quickly which i think this is another reason for pangkor to be such polluted...

7. Spending only RM 200 nett for the whole trip! It's unbelievable cheap!! But i will never go there again...

Some randomly taken pictures..

The ji muis~ which two of them are really blood related ji mui...

Me with my sunnies on the way back..


Model : goony
Photographer : j-ee


Photographer : j-ee
Edited by : goony (still brushing up my photoshop skill larr~)

Lastly, something i left after the trip

Lelong lelong~~ I like to irritate people with disgusting stuff.. xD