Saturday, March 28, 2009


A word of hope is enough to brighten you whole day..
Yet an act of ruining the hope brings pours of tears of disappointment..
Should you have hope?

Is what we gave repeatedly for someone for an opportunity to fixed the past...
At the meanwhile for us to fulfill for the hope we heard about...
Yet every chance given lead to greater disappointment each time...
Should it be given a chance once more?

Building it takes time and effort...
Faded after every chance that gave and destroy of hope...
Regaining it is even tougher...
Should trust be there?

Should you continue to have hope on repeated failure?
Should chance be given once again for maybe greater disappointment?
Should trust to be rebuilt and believing everything will go on you way?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth hour 28/3

Earth Hour <28/03/09>

Believe that many of you has heard about earth hour.. You should switch off lights at ur house/office (if you are the boss..) for just one hour.. Easy right? Even 8tv and kl tower doing so, why can't you?

But some using the excuse of turning light off for 1 hour won't help to save the earth.. Earth hour is mainly to create consciousness to everyone to think about our mother earth. You should have realise global warming nowadays by just the changes of weather right here! The sudden cold and mostly so so hot. Saving energy is actually the secondary purpose. So there's no reason for you for using this excuse! As we already created so much damage on earth, try doing something to save it! This is your chance!

"Yeah of course i'll turn off the light! I will only online at that time.." NO! Screen has light too right?? So maybe u can play the hide and seek in the dark with ur family or just sleep like a pig, better is you could discuss about earth, scaring people with the worst condition of the earth and influence them to do something! It's only for 1 hour right??

Contribution by a bit is better than none right? At least make urself do not fell so guilty.. xD And yeah, try to turn off the unneccessary light during the normal days.. so is blogggin necessary? no? which means blog less...? hmmh hmmm.. i didn't blog much anyway.. =P

Earth hour <28th> Let's do this! Turning of for 1 hour, save our mother earth. =)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


streamyx is so cacat man.. i think my msn keep going on and off.. sorry if i didn't reply any of your message as i'm the victim from it as well.. T.T

feel like catching a movie~ *eherm*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

in the memory of her..

5th of march,
Tears keep dropping down, but i wouldn't touch you, i wouldn't let you see my tears, i will be tough in front of you.. Deeply full of regrets in side of me...

6th of march,
In the early of the morning, i still couldn't believe, you were still in my house but i'm not be able to speak to you.. Feeling regret why i was so rebel, why i wasn't by your side, why i was so impatient to you.. But everything is already too late.. I have no chance to treat you that way...

7th of march,
Now you have seen what u wish to see, hoping you will reach the buddhaland and not elsewhere.. i appreciate all the people especially DMs that help us, help her mainly..

8th of march,
00.00: I'm still awake, i gonna be by your side, accompanying you till morning.. It will be the last night we'll be next to each other, the last night that i could see you.. I wouldn't leave you alone again..
08.00: Slept for only 2 hours, i still can't believe that you're not here.. Today is the day, today is the day where you'll be even further from me, from us.. Everyone tear for you, but i will not let you see.. please follow buddha, leave us behind.. Please.. We will be fine..
13.00: Trying to remember the route to where you are right now.. Maybe i could find you myself when i have no where to go...
14.00: I hope you don't see what happened right now.. Trust us that we will be fine and leave us... Leave with the lotus...

9th of march: Finally i'm getting some sleep.. But i missed the voice of urs, i missed the way you nagged at me, i missed you a lot.. Aunts and uncles are here, talked about the past.. Why didn't you tell me that you know you were going to leave us? Why didn't you give me a chance to treat you better, at least not feeling this regret? Why didn't you give me a chance to appreciate our time more? It's all my fault..

11th of March: Things getting better, it's been a week.. Feel it's been quite long since that day.. but why did i still feel so close to you.. Days were so different without you..

18th of March: The 2nd seventh days.. Getting used of the life of not having you around.. Looking at the yellow pictures we had, it was 10 years ago.. I hope to have one with you right now.. but.. Why didn't you wait till my graduation..? Why did i fooled around and delay my graduation for a semester..?

There's no more turning point here, Did you ever felt regret and you cannot do anything about it but only carry on with the regrets? Did you ever felt that you could do better when you cannot do anything now? It's been 20 years, we live together, you were like a mother to me and i owe you so much that i could not repay you now.. promise you i will take care of the young one, i promise you that i will not make myself to repeat the same mistakes again, i promise you that i will appreciate everything that i have now..

You will always be in my memory.. Make sure you are there when i'm finding you.. Only there not elsewhere..

-In the memory of Grandma-

p/s: thanks for the concern from everyone, i will be fine =) recently been busy with meeting obu dateline and the pt.. will catch up with u guys soon.. and lastly, i'm fine~