Friday, May 22, 2009

check this out!

Great male singer... hmmm.. or i should say great male/female singer...

Monday, May 4, 2009

to someone special..

Angel that in charge of birthdays.. can u grant me wishes on behalf of my mom.. please please..

I wish my mom's happy birthday! wishing her to have the healthy and prosperous 4Xth years! *i can't mentioned her age, she told me not to! =P*

I wish the swine flu will be gone or at least come out with a vaccine before 18th of June.. and have the final moment of happiness and stress-less laos trip before august!

I wish i could be prepare for the big days, last semester of my study life and goes into another stage of torture on august..

I believe what i wish for is also what my mom wish for except part of the second wan.. *she doesn't want me to go to laos..* please please, make my wish come true.. please please~

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Detective Goony~

Note before continue reading: Do not conclude that i am three plus eight or from some sort of kampung after reading this post....

Back to last month, i know i haven't been update for very very long time.. *guilty* Anyway, i got reasonable excuse lorr, been busy with classes and working! Working as promoter at guardian taipan, but it actually was freaking bored! and so.. I've been acting like a mouse in guardian and looking for stuff they have in store.. hmmm hmmm.. and found.. found.. found somethingsss... then took some.. some.. some illegal picture.. *guilty again*

Things i found.. Not like what u guys thinking larr! Just some weird items i found that i didn't know it actually exist and it's for sale in guardian XD So here's a reminder, read the note in the beginning of the post again if you are so happen to forget that!

Toothpaste squeezer.. Who on earth actually need this..? Super slow moving stock!

Mouth wash designed for smokers! Walao ehh! They do take care of their oral health after they destroy it.. *I know this sound sarcastic..*

A wrist band alike to prevent morning or motion sickness.. Wonder if it actually works..

I know what is a nail polish, but this is a very special nail polish lorr! It's something like tissue that use to wipe off the nail colour... Convenient..?

Some cream to create pouty, sexy lips.. Fuyoh~ Become angeline jolie in the cheapest way and in just a few minutes!

It's Cintan maggie! But it's nutri noodle.. hmmm.. it doesn't make sense to me.. lol!

They actually sell urinal and vomit bag.. Tried to open to see how it is look like, but it's very unethical to do so lorr..

Chin up strips to relief snoring.. Just for some people's information, can get this in guardian if you have problem with it..

Mosquito repellent in wrist band form! Cool right! I guess more people will buy this if they have added some sense of fashion on it.. lol..

Lint remover, look like some sort of electronic shaver from the picture lo.. hmmm.. Useful...? Not for me larr~ I use scissors ni.. =p

Scissors and nail clipper specially designed for baby! So cute~

The heroic shampoo for baby boys..

And the fairytale shampoo for baby girls! It's very innovative actually.. and tricking the parent's money!

For hygiene purpose, toilet seat covers.. I think this is quite popular in oversea but not really in malaysia though.. Kinda suprise that guardian actually have this.. And for your information, for travellers, guardian sells locks, money belt and many other stuff that is used during trvelling..

Ovulation test tube for family planning and so to have sex during the 'peak' period so that the sperm can find the ovum in higher chances and create human.. Sound so wrong.. hmmm hmmm...

A plaster look alike acne patch to cover your acne..

Diet drinks.. or something like that.. But surprisingly, with flavours! Gonna sound sarcastic again, shouldn't this kind of diet make you torture your taste buds??

Condom that vibrates.. The most sweat thing i see lorr.. It only contains one condom and one vibrator which cost you RM 20++.. Walao ehh! And it only vibrates for 20 minutes.. Double walao ehh! 20 minutes enough meh??

I actually have fun in being the guardian conan larr.. And i actually know where stuff are put even better than some of the guardian staff! Imagine how bored i was larr!! *pity me*

p/s: Do not conclude tht i am kampung mui...