Monday, June 8, 2009


Found out after i got my psp for 3 days, psp 3000 series can be mod! and my current psp's (which is psp 2006) price drop like hell.. am guk T.T

Even that is alright, but mine is actually singapore set, so if i were to claim the warranty, i need to send it back to singapore.

In addition, my fren kinda kena conned by the seller and sold it more expensive.. and the psp didn't get modified fully (lazy to explain cause it's too technical here) and the modified file just dissappear after 1 day of playing! =.=

There goes my whole salary!! ma der~

Awaiting 18th of june, that's what i think will cheer me up.. haih~

Sunday, June 7, 2009


That day, when i was studying alone at foyer, a girl just jump to the seat right in front of me.. she just smile at me which i am totally stun there.. Honestly, first thing that came to my mind was is she trying to hit on me..? ( He she is a tomboy.. maybe i'm just overly perasan..)

Then she started talking, telling me about some kind of disease that happens to children and they are from inti college(from our rival) and trying to get some donation.. blah blah blah.. As i was just trying to continue to study and make her stop talking but duno how to reject, i just gave her the donation which was RM10! Come to think of it, i was so un-ratianale!

This is the so called complimentary gift after i handed her RM10.. =.=

But that's how my beautiful day started..

After a few hours, i got a msg from my boss, saying my pay is out already! wuuhoo~ that's good karma? hee.. I was trying to figure out how to manage my financial crisis for few nights (trying to get enough money for my trip since i un-rationally again, asked my fren to help me buy psp from sg.. =.=) and now, it's solve!

Then at night, my mom gave me a RM30 sushi king voucher! is that good karma?? haha..

Took my first paid cheque on last sunday.. nice~

And my new psp last friday, wuuhoo~ posting my baby soon..

My finals is over!! Wish those that is still torturing from menon's notes studying all the best! You'll be relieve when u pass menon's paper acca and feel that all your torturing is so worth it! Gambateh!