Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My first...

On 25th of july, finally i drove independently alone and fetching my friends, plus it's at night, with my CLK......

My Cute. Little. Kelisa.

Somehow i'm very excited about it. Afterall, it's the first time i drove alone at night, fetching my friends mah.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Island Hopping- Perhentian

Here we come! Perhentian Island!

Our initial plan was leaving from redang with ferry to Kuala Terrenganu(RM50 ferry fare), then take a bus(cost around RM8 i guess) to another jetty and take a ferry(RM70 i think) to perhentian.

We found out that we can speed to perhentian by costing us only RM70(indirect) or RM100(direct)/pax!! Damn! It's like 50 ringgit wasted!!

Luckily the uncle that sold us ticket gave us refund and we took speed boat to Perhentian indirectly which means we'll be sitting with other passengers and drop by at some islands in the middle before we reach perhentian. Great! Another few FREE 'island' hopping!

First stop of our mini island hopping- Marine park!

Don't fancy this place anymore, we were here the day before! No pic, sorry larr~ But i must mentioned that the boatmen are very kind, they borrowed us snorkeling mask and fin! This is the first time i went into the sea without life jacket!! Really scary! But i got my back tanned nicely after 30 minutes of snorkeling!

*Wondering, people with fear of height, will they have fear of snorkeling in the middle of deep sea since you're so high up from the underneath sea land, if u understand what i meant*

2nd stop- Redang Lang Tengah

Not much thing here, we were so tempted to buy coconut drink from there until we found out that their coconut cost RM8! Fui~

3rd stop- Some deserted island with spring water.

Me look so short..

Although the sand is not compatible with redang one, but it is still crystal clear water!

Photographer, Goony, capture the true and natural moment of friendship between a monkey- cole(right) and a pig- my sis(left) *my sis so gonna kill me*

A proper one larr..

Cole was trying to pose something horny funny before someone turned back and looked at us.. *busted*

People queuing to wash with the spring water. It is SUPER cold, we tried it!

Finally we reached perhentian. Honestly, i'm VERY DISAPPOINTED with this place! The sand were rough, and i can see rubbish and umbrellas around!

Ang mos are sun tanning here and this place is too commercialized where everyone is trying to steal every ringgit out of those freaking rich ang mos, they even sell the spot under the umbrella for RM10!

We are the opposite, poor and eherm, pretty natural tanned one. We got ourselves a ciplak room.

This is how a RM50 room look like, 2 beds with a fan that only functioned when the electricity supply comes from 7pm-7am, how a backpack trip suppose to be like.

Scary stairs to our room. I could even hear the stairs are crying when we walking up. Luckily 3 of us are slim, if not the stairs would collapse lorr!! Maybe that's the reason why they gave us first floor room. =.=

Honestly, we don't know what to do here, since we've been snorkeling for the past 2 days and the only thing we can do here is hmmm.. playing frisbee (even the umbreallas was on our way when we played..) and reading books...? It's a diver's island anyway. So we decided to leave the next day.. =.=

Met a jellyfish(probably a dead one) with another 2 foreigners, Ibrahim and Islam.

Ibrahim was trying to see if the jellyfish is moving in the water.

Group photo, i'm hideous! But it's the only group picture.. *sigh*

We decided to pamper ourselves with good food. Food range from RM5-8

They served vegetarian food!

Cute recipe. Masak Halia-.... good for your health...

Look and taste delicious especially the mushrooms!

It's MATAHARI cafe, situated somewhere behind another cafe. Please find this cafe if you're there because their food are cheaper by RM1-2 from the outside one! Extra credit for their great staff and environment!

We went jungle trekking at 6am next morning to catch the sun rise. Boring yet stunning scenery pictures coming up.

The sunrise..

By, Jay- Ee

By, Goony

By, Goony

By, Goony

I'm not promoting christian, i just admire this picture, but senget abit. Photographer- Jay-Ee.

The windmill. It's gorgeous!

By, Jay-Ee

By, Goony

By, Goony (when the judgement day is here.. =P)

Us in tanned skin! Wuuhoo~

Me with the windmill.

It is not cut and paste picture arr. It look like i pasted the picture of them in front of the windmill. =.=

Cole and i.

Jay-Ee and i.

Pig + Monkey + Human. (from left)

Monkey posing hard.

Dragon-ball. Boh gate~ *something like that*


Monkey- *Poked*
Pig- *Ouch!! Cry in hapiness...*

Doing something horny funny again..

On way back, we only found out that the trek to the windmill is so slanting! With stones and branches on the floor make you slip even easier.

Tired~ and posing~

Finally found somewhere flat.. *The ground i meant, not the person.. eherm..*

We also found some other trekkerSSSSSSS.

*Zoomed zoomed* It's HUGE! These fellas would probably pray that you slipped and knock your head till dead on your way down. Even if you're not dead, they would bite you till dead.

Windmill, uphill. Bubu, downhill.

Time for milkshake!

Banana milkshake. Cole's favourite~

Half drank Snickers milkshake! This is awesome delicious! Strongly recommended!

A little snack, perhentian special, but not that special to me. It's just like vege cucur udang.

Monkey's breakfast.

Our breakfast. We seemed like eating alot here. lol

On the second thought, perhentian is quite a nice place after all.

-Get a book and sleep on the deck when you wanna relax.
-Visit shark point or turtle point when you need some excitement.
-Get yourself a snickers milkshake when you wanna pampered yourself. (the main reason i'm coming back to perhentian!!)

I'll be back perhentian. With my diving license!