Monday, August 3, 2009



Babe no. 1:

My friend's daughter in a bee suit! She loves me!

Babe no. 2:

My niece, still fragile, don't dare to carry her.. ><

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My day..

1031- Mitch called me to go pyramid. Still half asleep.

1316- Reached pyramid. Walk around with my heels.

1513 - Cass(one of my event company employer) called me to work at 1800 later. Need to borrow black heels for work.

1525- Interview for another job. Lousy, low pay, cheap labour, which i shouldn't go for at all. *Thinking who to borrow black heels from*

1600- Left pyramid, eating roti empat segi with dad and brother. *Contacting people to borrow heels*

1634- Saw a black heels of my sis at home. *Phew~*

1723- Xuan fetching me to Dataran Prima. I did make up and shaving in less than an hour. *rushed*

1841- Stat working.

2143- Finish working.

2153- In Xuan's car, he left my slipper in another car!!

0006- Little Bali. Yeah! Somewhere to sit!!

0100- Silva, eating supper.

0203- Reached home. Leg numb in pain.

1. I'm so happening, rushed and exhausted today.
2. My leg worth RM1XX per night.
3. Heels are designed to torture pretty woman.