Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's 3am in the morning and i am here. Blame on Old Town white coffee!

Anyway, here's some picture of Bebe, Yun's dog. Who could refuse posting such adorable picture?! Great model and great photographer !

*Say cheese~*

*Acting cute*

*Looking mommy, Yun and Uncle Heng*

Gotta wake up early tomorrow~ Zzz.. Nite! I hope so........

Saturday, October 24, 2009

21st birthday.

Checklist for an unexpected suprise party(i meant really unexpected!)

1. A perfect dear as the organizer: Xuan

At pyramid, ready for movie. =)

2. Another few other friends to make it not obvious at all: Yun and Heng (Thanks for being there although you two were so tired..)

3. Few activities to do before the suprise party:
Lunch, movie and pasar malam-ing

I was told if want to catch a movie and pasar malam after that.

Lunch and movie at Sunway Pyramid.

G-force in the evening, great movie!

At OUG pasar malam, which so happened it's on thursday.

Then yun was saying that she feel the place very jelak, requested to change venue after eating. Reasonable excuse from a girl that grown up from a rich family which i tot she is a typical qian jing xiao jie (Sorry for misunderstanding >< , clarifying here now, she is not!), so not suspicious at all!

Then i was brought to a cafe which so happened to have the same name as Xuan.... and so happened to be at nearby OUG....

4. A bunch of friends: checked!

As my focus is on a seemed-to-be very comfortable sofa chair, i didn't even notice there's a big bunch of my friends sitting inside the cafe, waiting for me, until Xuan pull me there. First i saw Wan Yong, then ............. everyone! I for real stunned for a few minutes. Not once in my life, i have felt this suprising (I don't feel suprise so easily honestly). Haha! Well done, to the suprise party. It works perfectly honestly!

Xuan and i

The 'family'. Xuan, me and Yun(Xuan's kai mui).

Ji muisss =)


There's actually more pictures, but not with me. But anyway, thanks to everyone for coming. Really appreciate it alot!

After photograph and cake cutting session, another suprise from everyone. Xuan actually made this cards, and circulate around to write their wish behind it. Best-est cards from everyone! Thank you all very much especially Xuan. =)

5. Distractions from to keep him/her offguard:

So happen that I was attending an interview at kpmg in the next morning, and i got distracted from planning what i'm going to do on the next day. And, ta-dah!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Isn't it just lovely.. =) ; Sunset at Subang Jaya.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chilis on 26th!

After criticizing about september's birthday, i myself had also made my friends to spent on me.. Devil me.. =P

Chillis on saturday(26th of septermber) to celebrate belated birthday for kit yee and me.. =D

Let's have photo session for the birthday leng luis before the food arrive..

Yummy spaghetti!

Mini burgers with tatar sauce! Tatar sauce is awesome!!

Lamb chop with side dishes.. Hmmm.. No comment because i didn't try that.. I don't eat same species.. =p

Chicken salad- mixed with eggs, beans and peas, with vegetablesssss..

Chocolate lava cake.. My favourite out of all! Dessert madness!!


After the dinner session, time for leong char aka drinking session!!

At Brussel Beer Cafe..

Hoegarden Grand Cru, man-ly beer i feel.. But i like it! I'm the man!!! Hahax..

Stella Artois, obviously a girly beer.. Kheng Khim's one.. =p

My favourite out of 3, Budweiser! King of beer! Errr.. Unisex beer..? Hee..

Hoegarden Grand Cru(Juan) VS Budweiser(xiao xuan)

Suprisingly, i forgot to take my long island's picture.. =( Howeever, it was pretty nice after a few sip.. I think they have vodka in it..

Xuan and i =D

Last picture of the birthday girls.. One of them is half drunk and puke afterthat and that's the black one, me.. Fun day but lousy ending..

Coming out next, pictures about suprise countdown party by lovely xuan.. =)