Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 weeks more to go..

Two weeks countdown, till my final war before next phrase of my life,

And i shall be prepared and fight at my very best,

All the best and good luck to me and to all ACCA students!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Blame on the thick cloud.. please~

Dammit, trying to re-install my garmin mobile XT for my E71, and it still has weak satellite!

Hope it will work tomorrow when it's not so cloudy. Hope it's not my phone's problem or i'll be doomed and lost on saturday!

Btw, 2012 is a good movie, it remind us human about what humanity means.. Must watch to everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a sign..

Before i left my house, i can feel my skin is burning due to exposure to the sun, wishing that i have a portable air-cond with me right there.

That was just few minutes before i reach the roundabout to Sunway college. Plenty of clouds gather around as if like they were having a meeting, discussing when to pour the water.

Jammed there for about 10 minutes before reaching college, and it was already dizzling there! I ran into college at my fastest speed,wishing to reach inside with i'm still dry. Just right after i settle down with my books and greet to my friends, i can start hearing rain pouring and the next thing i know...

...it was dumping! Jacket on!

WTH??!! The weather changed so fast from two extreme; the burning hot to freezing rain; in 20 minutes within 5km!

Is this a warning from mother earth?? Is this a revenge of mother earth, to treat us like how we treated her and is still treating her now?? My friends around are getting sick, one after another, i believe it's due to the unpredictable changing of weather.. and that's also what mother earth is feeling right now.. =(