Friday, December 18, 2009


Exam is over! Holiday is quarterly over! And my student life will be over soon!!!

18 days more for my sweet holiday and probably the final time that i could catch up with all my friends. Somehow, i feel working life means the end of gathering time and i will need to do it now or i will never ever be able to see my friends again..

So friends, do call me for outing before 4th of january! Or you might not able to see me again! *At least for a long time*

Here's a little story i had for the past 2 months aka the study life that i will miss..

Date: November and December.
Venue: SS15 drive-thru mcd restaurant.
Title: Part and parcel of our mcd study life.
Models: Guin Guin, Yun, Xuan and Heng.
Photographer: Goony with her E71 camera. (Not bad lorr the quality..)

Guin guin: Yun, what should we do today..? It's raining and i am emo.......

Owh.. I need to study.. For the stupid ACCA exam.. Zzz..

Dress up and get going~! Today, 3 chapters!! YES YES~~ *emo still*

But first, listen to my emo songs..

NONONO, i should start studying!! I wanna be the champion! I wanna conquer the paper!!

10 minutes later...

Time for break!!My favourite RT pastry!! Yummy yummy~

Coke coke~~ Coke from my mclunch till now, refilling every half an hour!! *I bet mcd staffs hate us..*

Look, i'm fatter than the box! But stress mahh.. Don't like that lorr.. *Burp*

Everyone is so hardworking.. Pressure is filling in the air..

OMB! The notes is so thick!! I can't take it any longer!!! *suicide*

R.I.P, Guin Guin..

Finally, present you the photo album of 方大同 (Khalil Fong)





Finally, me.. Some lousy photographer took lousy picture of mine.. =X

Special thanks to Jefferson, borrowing his 400 degree specs! *Was blind for a moment* Too bad that we didn't get to take picture of everyone with the specs..

And now,

WEE~ Holiday~ Enjoy your holiday everyone!!

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