Wednesday, March 23, 2011

After so long...

Dear Busy Goon Wey,

You've worked hard and played hard since your last blog and you have not post any of your event in your lovely blog....

Kind regards,
Goon Wey that is finally free.

This is what i always write for almost everyday *email* since my last blog post. and for the rest of my time, i've always working, "bull shit-ing" in my working paper(Which kinda make sense and able to live through my working life), played hard during weekends/non working days but not spending time in blogging, which i shouldn't. Blogging is to make sure that my memories(good or bad) stay and so i could flash back when i'm emo. So, a quick update on my life within this period, summarised version!

1. Still working in Ernst and Young with the feeling of resigning at least once a week, dreaming how good if i've a rich husband everyday.

2. Finally got my diving license but still not be able to practice due to not able to take leave and "kakis".

3. Been to 2 countries - s'pore and HK- within a year; These were the best days in my life for this period with my awesome-ly cool friends; at Zoukout event, "shopping till broke" event. Will try posting pictures in this blog when i've time.

4. Club too much and knowing more new friends, which i would say it's a good thing, but exhausted me too much at the same time. And i am trying to lessen the club session now. *target for yr 2011*

5. Driving long distances and long hours with/without(sometimes) a sleeping passenger, after little hours of sleep/no sleep at all.

6. Driving a car that is 100 times bigger size than myself(MPV). *i know it's not something that is impressive, but to me, it's my first time so.. although it's only for short distance.

7. Live in the jungle for 2 nights without technology gadgets(including watch), toilet, etc man made products. *i miss that place*

8. Start twit-ing (just few days ago).

9. Did rock climbing, skytrex, jungle trekking, and more non common sports activity in the future.

Can't think of much now, but yes, i've enjoyed my 1 yr + very much even though i've aged double the speed as usual(mostly caused by working). I love my 2010! and will definitely fullfill more of my goals this year, 2011. A promise to myself and one of it is resigning by 2012!

Always believe in " No Pain, No Gain"